Waxing Services

Lip, Eyebrow & Facial Waxing

Our effective, long-lasting, and affordable facial waxing services are a great alternative to sculpting your eyebrows and smoothing your face without painful tweezers. You’ll be amazed at how your natural beauty can shine through without stray hairs on your face.

Beautify your brows quickly and conveniently

For convenience, clients are welcome to schedule a waxing session during their hair appointment to give their eyebrows some attention too. Let our stylists know how you like your eyebrows styled for the perfect arched and smoothed finish. Say goodbye to tweezers and discover fast and easy hair and waxing needs all in one place.

The perfect brows are right here

Waxing is an effective and long-lasting solution for a smooth, radiant look. Our cosmetologists make the process as gentle as possible to reduce the pain on you and your wallet!

It’s affordable and you won’t have to face the daily pain of tweezing or shaving.

Stop worrying about unwanted facial hair with our waxing services

  • Eyebrow arching

  • Eyebrow shaping

  • Upper lip waxing

  • Facial waxing

Waxing Pricing

Facial waxing only $10 +

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Each client has their own natural beauty which we help shine through even more with our wide range of hair, waxing, tanning and manicure services.
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